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Policies & Info

Things to Know

Important Information:

All sales are final. Please review all photos of a piece and description before purchasing.

All pieces should be treated delicately. The materials I use are very often delicate and need to be treated as such as they could be damaged fairly easily. Treat each piece like a work of art. Remove jewelry before showering, sleeping, and swimming as well as before strenuous activity.

Patinas on pieces will change naturally over time due to oils from skin and natural elements in the air. If over time your patina changes and you would like to have it redone please email me for a quote.

All copper pieces come with a clear coating for metals but it is not permanent. In time it will wear away (faster if worn often or exposed to water). Once the clear coating is gone copper can leave a color residue on your skin. If you would like more information on the clear coat for your own purposes please email me.

All animal components are humanely sourced.

Much of the copper I use in my pieces is recycled or reused.


I’m happy to do repairs on my own pieces. All repairs will be priced on an individual basis as each piece is one of a kind and labor for each repair will vary.